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How to Assign Assignments in WileyPlus

Below are some tips on how to assign Assignments/Exams in WileyPlus. Also, attached to this KB article is a PPT with more specific directions and screenshots.

Ignore what you see on the Assignment tab. This shows a list of all of the sections that have assigned the associated assignment.  You can use the Assignment tab as a way to verify what has been assigned in your course once you are finished.

WileyPlus Assignment Tab


  • Click Assignment Bank tab  to assign your sections assignments. Filter the assignments using the Source>Other Instructors
  • From the filter, look for assignments with the Owner: Admin CCCOnline or WileyPlus Admin. The Admin CCCOnline or WileyPlus Admin assignments are the master assignments which were created in the development of the course. Once you have located the assignments>Click the Assign Original button to setup the assignments restrictions and due dates.

WileyPlus Assignment Bank Tab

  • After clicking Assign Original>select your class section(s) and set the start and due dates/times for the item.

 WileyPlus Assignment

  • Next, select Students can view assignments and assistance after the due date>In the time Time Limit area Set the time limit>Click Assign.

 WileyPlus Assign Settings

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