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Setting Up MyLabsPlus >D2L Grade Sync [CCCOnline Only]

Using the MyLabsPlus to D2L Grade Sync

Note: Instructors will not be able to setup the grade sync until after the term is opened. This option will be come available during the first week of the term. It is recommended as a best practice to sync grade items after the due date has past. If all of the columns are set to sync at the beginning of the term, students who have not attempted a MLP assignment will have a zero in the D2L gradebook which may be misleading and cause panic for students.

  1. Enter the Faculty Gateway-Locate the CCCO Faculty Resources widget>Click Faculty Gateway from the MyHome page in D2L
    CCCO Faculty Resources Widget
  2. From the Faculty Gateway>Click the Connect MyLabs+ to D2L gradebook link
    Faculty Gateway Window
  3. From the Transfer Grades window>Click the Map MyLabs+ grades to D2L in the Actions column
    Transfer Window
  4. Click Reload if you are not seeing the D2L columns>Click OK to confirm Reload

    Reload Verification
  5. In the MLP Assignment column,Click the dropdown arrow next the D2L Gradebook Column you want to map>Select the correct MyLabs grade column item from the dropdown list
    Note: to unlink or stop the grade sync choose the blank entry at the top of the list rather than selecting an option listed in the dropdown
    Gradebook Columns
  6. Click Submit when finished
    Submit button


  • MLP grades > D2L gradebook Sync Times: The sync time frame for the MLP>D2L grade sync  best case scenario: grades posts to MyLabs prior to 3:30 a.m. should show up in D2L mid-day, grades posted to MyLabs  after 4:00 a.m. should show up in D2L mid-day the following day. At a minimum this is a 24-hour process.
  • Always verify the grades that come over from MyLabs to D2L to be sure they are correct. The percentages for each assignment should match not the total points.
  • If the grades are not syncing correctly from MLP to D2L, you may need to manually enter the grades in to the D2L grade item. If you plan to manually enter the grades in the D2L grade items, then unlink the grade mapping so the syncing stops and does not overwrite your manual entries.
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