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Setting up Webex in your D2L course

Create a new “Webex” module 

(not required but recommended to make resources readily apparent to students) 

  • Navigate to the content area of your D2L course
  • At the bottom of the “Table of Contents”, click in the “Add a module…” text box and type the name of the new module (“Webex”). When you press the enter/return key, a new module will be added to your course at the bottom of the list. You may move this module by dragging it by the ‘handle’ that is the two columns of dots on the left:

Add the Webex link:

  • From the module in which you wish to include the Webex link, click “Add Existing Activities” and select the “External Learning Tools” option.
  • In the pop-up window that displays, scroll to find Webex in the list and click on it. [*]
  • The Webex link should now be visible in the module you selected

Set up the elements of Webex you wish to use for your course Webex setup window

  • Click on the Webex link
  • If you have not set Webex up for any other courses, you will need to click the button in the Authorize with LMS area. (Note that this authorization will carry over for any courses in which you are the instructor and using Webex.)
  • Select the features you wish to use within this course:
    • Classroom Collaboration : This will use the Webex Teams tools to allow text-based discussions and quick meeting set-up among all users that have been granted access
    • Virtual Meetings : This will allow the instructor to set web conferencing meeting (both ‘one off’ and recurring).
    • Office Hours : This will allow the instructor to set a range of times when they are available to meet one-on-one with students. Students then select a time if they wish to meet with their instructor.
  • Once you have checked off the items you wish to use, click the Apply button

Webex Meetings Attendance Grading

If you wish to grade students on their attendance in Virtual Meetings, click the Turn On button in that area.
Note that turning on this option will grade attendance across  all virtual meetings. If you offer voluntary meetings, those will be included in the overall Webex Attendance Grading.

Reminder Bot

If you have opted to use the Classroom Collaboration option, the Reminder Bot will automatically post reminders of upcoming Webex meetings associated with the course.

[*] If you do not see Webex listed among the existing External Learning Tool links, please contact your local D2L admin to see if the tool has been made available to your course.

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