Grade Assignment Submissions Using a Rubric

Complete the following steps to grade Assignments folder Submissions using an attached D2L Rubric.

  1. Go to the Assignments tool>Click the Submissions Folder title to review the Folder Submissions
  2. From the Submission List>Click the Evaluate link to the right of the student's name and submission info
  3. In the Evaluation pane on the right>Click the Rubric Icon to complete the rubric and assess the student's submission
    Rubric Icon in Evaluation Pane

  4. In the Assess Rubric window>Click the appropriate radio button criteria options to score the submissionAssess Rubric Window
  5. Click the Save and Record button
  6. in the Evaluation pane, verify the score has transferred correctly from the rubric to the Score box>Input additional comments in the Feedback box>Click Publish to record the feedback and score the the Grades tool [Clicking Save Draft will allow you to come back Publish the student's score and feedback at a later date]

    Rubric Evaluate Window

Note: Students will need to review the completed rubric from the Assignment Folder Submission View. They will not see the completed rubric from the Grades tool. Only the score and feedback are recorded in the Grade item.


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