CCCOnline Re-enrollment Into Dropped Courses

Students may be dropped from CCCOnline courses for reasons such as non-payment and no-show.  A student can request to be re-enrolled into the dropped CCCOnline course. 

CCCOnline does not guarantee they will be re-enrolled in the course.

Verify the following:

  1. Student was active in the class within 72 hours prior to the drop.  Advisor needs to ask the student for this information.
  2. Direct student to or have student go to > Students>Student Handbook>Attendance Policies.

re-enrollment login screen

  1. Students log into the form using their Student ID and password. They will then be given an option of selecting from the CCCOnline courses for which they have been dropped - only dropped courses will be available to them; they will not be able to use this form to add a new course. The form will be available starting the day after the Last Day to Add. After census, students will be re-enrolled only with the permission of their home college. If the student has any problems with the form they can contact -

Completing the form does not guarantee that a student will be allowed to re-enroll. Re-enrollment will be determined based on a student’s last date of activity in that course and the student’s academic standing at their home college. Students who complete the form can expect an e-mail response within 24 hours, not including weekends of submitting the form.
The student is not guaranteed to be re-enrolled within 24 hours. The request will be addressed within 24 hours'

NOTE:  Requests for late enrollment should be directed to John Schmahl, Director, Student Services –

NOTE: To add new courses, students need to go through the normal registration process. Check Agent Verification Tool for enrollment status of course(s)

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