Lumen OHM Course Instructor Setup Guide

Use the following instructions to setup your Lumen OHM course for each live section each semester.

  1. Enter the D2L course, Click Content>Click on an External Learning Tool link that is a graded assignment.
    Lumen OHM External Learning Tool link example
  2. From the account log in window, enter your Lumen OHM username and password. If you do not have an account, create one.
    If you need assistance with your account setup, please submit a ProfHelp ticket.
    Lumen OHM login window
  3. Go back to Content and click the Lumen OHM External Learning tool link again. Now, you will be requested to make a copy of the Master Lumen OHM course for your section>Cllick the Create a copy on Lumen OHM button, wait for the section to copy. The assignment should now load. This is confirmation that the associate Lumen OHM course is ready for the course term.
    Lumen OHM create a copy of master window
    Note: Click the LTI home breadcrumb at the top of the Lumen OHM External Learning Tool window to access the Lumen OHM dashboard to manage the course on the Lumen side.
    Lumen OHM LTI Home breadcrumb example
    LTI Home Example
    --Click Grade List to review student's scores on the Lumen OHM asignment
    --Click Settings to review the assignment settings

    Lumen OHM LTI Home

Lumen OHM Grades Notes:

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