Quick Eval tool

About Quick Eval

Quick Eval is a tool that allows instructors to see a list of unevaluated learner submissions from all their courses. Submissions from Assignments, Quizzes, and Discussions are displayed in one location to improve efficiency when locating work that requires evaluation and providing feedback to learners.

Educators can sort, filter, and search submissions to prioritize their evaluation work. Sorting can be done using

Filtering can be done using one or more of the following categories:

Clicking on a user’s name opens an evaluation screen directly from the Quick Eval list where the evaluator can complete their assessment. The search function in Quick Eval allows evaluators to locate submissions for evaluation by searching for a specific user, assignment, quiz, discussion topic, or course.

When learner submissions are evaluated and published, they no longer show up in the Quick Eval list. An empty Quick Eval list gives educators confidence that no learner submissions are pending evaluation.

Clicking on an assignment, quiz or discussion in the Quick Eval list opens the same evaluation screens that the instructor would see within a course. Once evaluation of an individual submission is complete, click Back to Quick Eval to return to the Quick Eval list and continue evaluating.


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