How to Sign Up for Professional Development Sessions

How to Sign Up for Professional Development Sessions

Faculty Gateway S Number screen

CCCS CAS Login page

Training and Professional Development Database


Potential Problem

You may have a corrupted browser cache if:

  1. You have an S number and a pre-existing PD account;
  2. When you log in to our Professional Development database (either through the CCCOnline Portal or directly), you see the screen below (and are prompted to create another account):

Faculty Gateway Complete Account page

If you see the above screen,

  1. Clear your browser cache completely
  2. Close the browser
  3. Re-open the browser
  4. Follow these steps:
    1. Visit this link to register.
    2. Answer the "Do you have an S#" question by clicking "Yes."
    3. Log in with your S number (username is your S number and the password is your Portal password)

You should then be able to enter the Training and Professional Development Database.

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