Active Directory Consolidation - Login Change to CCCS Email (OWA), Webex, etc.

Active Directory Consolidation - Login Change to Webex, OntheHub etc.

Effective 01/16/2020 - CCCS-IT and the colleges are currently embarking on a system-wide Active Directory Consolidation project. Once complete, this project will help pave the way for future identity consolidation and single sign-on projects intended to make CCCS technology easier to use. 

As part of this process, your network user account must be migrated from the current CCCS Active Directory domain it resides in, to a new CCC Active Directory domain. This means that as of 01/16/2020 your network username for some services will change temporarily (but by Fall 2020 you will only need to use your S-number to sign in to these services).

The services that will require this new temporary network username will include:

The method you use to sign into the Portal, Office 365, or D2L will not change. Your password will also not change.

See the instructions below for the new network name you will be using.

Note: The username is NOT case-sensitive. If you try to log in using the new network username and are still having issues, submit a Prof Help for CCCS Email form, which will go directly to IT.

If you teach for CCCOnline AND another CCCS college

You will:

  1. Change the domain in front of your S-number from "cccs" to "ccc"
  2. Add "cccs" to the end of your S-number.


If you teach for only CCCOnline

You will:

  1. Change the domain in front of your S-number from "cccs" to "ccc"



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