Attendance/Participation Reporting FAQ

Attendance/Participation Reporting FAQ

Why are instructors asked to report attendance?

CCCOnline's attendance reporting requirement helps to identify students who do not intend to actively participate in courses. The requirement meets federal guidelines for student attendance/participation in online courses. Students who do not demonstrate attendance during the term may be administratively unregistered from that course.  When instructors do not report attendance, students can inadvertently be dropped from the class.

What is considered “attendance” for CCCOnline?

Students who participate in one of the following ways during the first 15% of each enrolled course are considered in attendance. Instructors validate that a student is in attendance. Attendance must be an “an academically-related activity.” Examples include:

What if an assignment is due on the day of Census?

What is changing on September 19, 2019?

What do instructors need to do?

For instructions on how to submit students for non-participation, see this KB article.

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