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About Examity

In this class, several quizzes or exams will be administered remotely by an online authentication and proctoring service called Examity®. 

Students who do not authenticate and/or use Examity to proctor these assessments will automatically receive a zero on these assignments. Please see course schedule for the assessments that require Examity. 

Technical Requirements

To prepare for using Examity®, you will need to meet the following technical requirements:  

What to expect when setting up your profile

Before you set up your profile in Examity, you should take a photo of your picture identification (driver's license, passport, school issued photo ID or other government approved photographic identification). Have this file available on your computer to be uploaded to Examity. You will also need to select your timezone (Mountain if you reside in Colorado), select three of the offered security questions and, lastly, type your name several times to establish a biometric signature. See the Examity Profile set up instructions for detailed information. 

Each time you are required to authenticate, you will need to have this same photo ID ready to display to your webcam

What to expect when preparing to take a quiz or exam that requires authentication 


Each time you prepare to take an exam or quiz that requires authentication and/or proctoring, you will schedule an appointment. This appointment needs to be made at least 24 hours in advance. This appointment will need to fall within the dates and times that the quiz/exam has been made available to you. Making an appointment outside the scheduled quiz/exam time frame will not grant you access to that quiz or exam. 


In order to authenticate your identity in Examity, use your webcam to show your picture identification. You will then answer one or more of your security questions and enter your biometric signature by typing your name a few times. Please note that these proctored assessments may be password protected and you will not be able to take them unless you authenticate as the proctor will need to enter the password for the assessment after they complete your authentication. After your authentication is complete, you will be returned to D2L to navigate to your quiz or exam, the proctor will enter the password if needed, and complete you will complete the assessment. 

Authentication typically takes about 10-20 minutes but may take longer. Be sure to allot an adequate amount of time to get authenticated for the quiz/exam with enough time to take advantage of the full time allowed for quiz or exam completion.

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