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Navigating HOL Labs/Lessons for CHE, PHY, or GEY courses

Navigating HOL Labs/Lessons for CHE, PHY, or GEY courses

NOTE: the following instructions are for those students taking a Chemistry, Physics or Geology course.

Use the following information to gain a better understanding of how to navigate the HOL Labs/Lessons.

Note: for certain lab lessons you will need to write a Formal lab report. When a Formal lab report is required you will be not be filling in the data tables and Exercise questions on the HOL platform, NOR completing the Evaluation section.


The Exploration section will give you background information and assess your knowledge along the way.  You will also be completing a pre-test in this section. (This section will always be required.)


The Experimentation section will include a list of materials provided in your lab kit and other materials that you will need to provide. As you work through the exercises, be sure to look for the DATA button on the lower right side of the screen.

NOTE: when a Formal lab report is required, please follow the prompts in the Experimentation section, and you won’t be completing the Evaluation portion for those lab lessons. For Informal report lessons follow the below instructions for inserting Data and completing the Evaluation portion.

HOL Experimentation Data button


(for Informal report lessons) Clicking the DATA box will open the data screen where you can record your results as needed. To close the data screen, click on the DATA tab that has moved to the upper right corner of the window.

HOL non report lesson Data tab


NOTE: when a Formal lab report is required you do not need to complete this portion and it will not be graded by your instructor. For Informal report lessons follow the below instructions and complete the Evaluation portion.

You will move on to the Evaluation once you have completed your experiment. Be sure you have entered your data before starting the Evaluation. While you can work on the Exploration and Experimentation sections over multiple sessions, the Evaluation must be completed in one sitting or you will be automatically locked out of the lab.

HOL lab evaluation confirmation window


If you get the lock out message, scroll down and click Continue Evaluation and submit your work.

You do NOT need to call HOL to get this resolved as the message states. Contact your instructor if you have questions or need assistance.

HOL Lock message Continue Evaluation


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