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Pay Level Requirements Checklist

Instructors: Have you taught 30 credit hours in 3 semesters for CCCOnline  or 60 credit hours in 6 semesters for CCCOnline? If so, you may be eligible for a pay level increase.

To be considered for a pay level increase, please initiate the e-paperwork.

    1. Visit the CCCO Portal [links opens in a new window]
    2. Click the Instructor tab>From the Instructor Gateway widget, Expand the Instructor Services, Evaluations, and Teaching Excellence section
    3. Click the Pay Level Requirements Checklist link to download the checklist.

Portal Instructor Gateway Pay Level Requirements

Unsure how many credits you have taught with CCCO?

To determine your teaching history and calculate the credit hours you have taught, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the CCCO Portal [links opens in a new window]
  2. Click the Employee tab
    Portal Employee Tab
  3. Scroll down to the Employment Details widget>Click the Job Details link
    Portal Employee Job Details
  4. From the Job Details link you will find a list of courses you have taught for CCCOnline. To calculate the total number of credit hours, add up the number of courses sections taught and multiple by the number of credit hours per course.
    List of Jobs
  5. After you determine the number of credit hours, fill out the corresponding information on the Pay Level Requirements Checklist, see the instructions above to locate the Pay Level Requirements Checklist.
    Pay Level Requirements Checklist example

    NOTE: Remember to submit this form at the beginning of the semester you will achieve the next level. The new pay level increase will take effect the following semester. For instance, if you will hit 30 credit hours during the Summer of 2018, complete the form in June so the increase appears during your Fall 2018 contract.
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