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Using Single User Groups for Special Access

This process assumes that a category for single user, member-specific groups has been created in your course. If this group style is not available in your course, please contact ProfHelp.

Known issues with this accommodation method:

  • This can only be set up AFTER the due date has passed. As such, it is likely that there will be a small window when the accommodated student will not have access (time between standard closing date and the time the accommodation is put in place.)
  • During the time that student(s) have special access, other students are NOT able to access this link.

To release a course link to a specific user (for special access to [insert vendor name here)

  • Navigate to the module in content with the link to the student specific assignment
  • From the dropdown menu on the link, select “Edit properties in place”
  • Click the text that reads “Add dates and restrictions”
  • Click the “Create” button under Release Conditions
  • In the popup window, select Classlist>Group enrollment from the dropdown menu labelled Select Condition Type
  • In the new dropdown menu labelled “Group”, find the name of the student for whom a special accommodation or extension is being granted.
  • Click the Create button
  • If needed, add start and end dates
  • If there are multiple students being granted identical accommodations or extentions, you may repeat the process outlined above but be sure to change the dropdown to “Any condition must be met”.

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