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HOL Labs/Lessons Instructor Setup Information

Use the following information to get the HOL Lab/Lessons setup for your course. Be sure to read this article to further understanding student requirements and how to best support the use of HOL labs in this course.

Prior to the start of the term

Set up the HOL Cloud Classroom with a simple click on the HOL Cloud link in your D2L classroom. The HOL cloud dashboard link is located in Notes for Instructor>Vendor Support. Do not release this link to students. They have individual links to the lessons/labs in the Module X>Lab folder.
HOL Dashboard LTI

Important Things to Note:

  1. Read through the HOL Lab KB articles below so that you can answer student questions.  The biggest source of confusion is likely to be the process for submitting labs.
    --HOL Labs/Lessons Getting Started
    --Navigating HOL Lab/Lessons

    --How to Create & Submit Your Final Report
  2. We will not be using the HOL Cloud gradebook or point values on the labs
  3. Students will submit their labs on the HOL Cloud when they finish.  Then they use the Print menu on their browser to save a PDF of their final results to their desktop. They will then submit the PDF to the appropriate assignment folder in D2L. 

Familiarize yourself with the HOL Lab Access 

Course Dashboard

There are two ways to access the HOL Cloud dashboard.  One way is to click on the HOL Cloud link in Notes for Instructors>Vendor Support. [this link is only available to instructors]  The other way is to click on any lab link in the Content>Module X>Labs. Either way, you will land on the instructor view for the HOL Cloud dashboard.
HOL Instructor Dashboard

By clicking on the dropdown menu under Course Completion, you can choose any of the labs/lessons to see the graphic for class progress.  Note the key under the graphic that indicates the lab sections.

At the bottom of the page, the Student Overview lists the lesson progress for each student. A grey circle indicates a lab in progress. A dark green circle indicates a completed lab. Hover over any circle to unlock and allow for a resubmission after lab has been completed or to download final results. 

If a student is having trouble creating a PDF of their final results, the instructor may choose to download the file from the Instructor View. The students DO NOT have that option built into their view.
HOL Dashboard w/Menu

Student View

Click on Student View option in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard to work through a lab as a student would experience it. 
HOL student view option

HOL Cloud Features

From the dashboard>Click on the book icon in the upper left corner and navigate to various features of the HOL Cloud through the dropdown menu.
HOL Book Menu

Lessons will take you to the list of all the labs, clicking on an individual lab will take open the contents of that lab. Click on any section to go to that part of the lab.  Double check that the “Require sequential completion of Lessons” box remains unchecked.

 HOL Lessons

Materials lists all the materials needed for each of the labs.

Documents takes you to a page where you can upload resource files

Answer Guides allows you to download a pdf of each lab complete with sample data and answers.

We will not use the HOL Cloud Gradebook.  The grading feature on HOL does not support CCCO rubrics. Students will finish and submit their labs through HOL only to finalize the data.  After that they will save as a .pdf through the browser’s print menu and submit through the D2L assignment folders.

Ongoing Student Support

Students will have access to the HOL Cloud as soon as the course opens. Before they get their lab kit in the mail, they should work through the ungraded Getting Started and Laboratory Safety lab Lessons.  Place an announcement early in the course to encourage students to get started on those lessons.

Students will not need to enter a Kit Code to access all of the labs even though there may be one printed on the lab kit box.

HOL Lab Kit Code Example

When lab kits ship, check the student progress in the HOL Dashboard to see how the students are progressing on the Getting Started and Laboratory Safety prerequisites. Reach out as needed with a course announcement and/or email.  Both of these lessons are time consuming. Students who leave them until the last minute will really put themselves in a hole.  Because they are ungraded assignments, some students will need a push to get the prerequisites completed. A week before the first HOL Cloud lab is due, place an announcement in the D2L classroom with a quicklink to the KB article Navigating HOL Labs in the Lab information section of the Syllabus menu.

A few days before the first HOL Cloud lab is due, place an announcement in the D2L classroom with a quicklink to the KB article How to Create and Submit your HOL Final Report in the Lab Information section of the Syllabus menu.

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