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How to View New WileyPLUS Student Progress and Reset Assignment Attempts

How to View New WileyPLUS Student Progress and Reset Assignment Attempts

How to View WileyPLUS Student Progress

  1. From the Content tab in D2L, select the assignment you wish to review.

    Wiley D2L Content Item

  2. On the top of your assignment overview screen, you will find a tab for Student Progress. Click this.

    Wiley Student Progress tab

  3. Here you will find all of your students that have accessed and started submitting their assignment. You can then see:
    1. Students' names that have accessed and/or submitted questions
    2. How many questions the student has completed vs how many are on the assignment
    3. What the students current assignment performance is

      To view a specific student's performance, click their name. 

      Wiley Student Progress components

  4. From here you will be able to:
    1. Reset the individual student's assignment
    2. View when they last submitted their assignment
      • You can also manually sync their score to the D2L gradebook if there is a discrepancy
    3. See each question's performance. If you click on a specific question you will be able to view their attempts made, which question level resources they used, and have the ability to reset the individual question for a student.

      Wiley Student performance

How to Reset a Student's WileyPLUS Assignment Attempt

  1.  In D2L, find the item in Content that you need to reset for the student. Click the Assignment link.

    Wiley D2L item

  2. When the new tab or window opens with the assignment, click the Student Progress tab. Then click the name of the student who needs a reset.

    Wiley student progress and names

  3. Then, click the blue Reset Assignment for this Student button on the top right.

    wiley reset assignment button

  4. A new window will pop, asking you to confirm you wish to reset this assignment and erase all previous attempts by the student. Click Reset Assignment for this Student.

    Wiley reset assignment window

  5. You will then see a confirmation window, indicating that you have successfully reset the assignment for this student. Click Close.

    Wiley Reset Assignment confirmation window
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