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Enable TurnItIn on a Dropbox Folder

Complete the following steps to enable TurnItIn [TII] to the dropboxes in your course.

  1. From the Dropbox tool locate the dropbox folder that needs to have TII enabled
  2. Click the action triangle to the right of the Dropbox folder title>Choose Edit Folder
  3. Click the TII tab>
    1. Click the Enable Turnitin for this folder checkbox
      [Note: if you receive an error: Unable to create Turnitin assignment....you may need to do one or more of the error resolution steps below]
    2. Click the Turnitin Tab>
      1. Click the Enable Turnitin for this folder checkbox>
      2. In the Frequency area, Click the Automatic originality checking on all submissions radio button>
      3. In the GradeMark section set the GradeMark Available to Learners date so students are able to review the Originality report and Grademark info.
        Turnitin Assignment More Options window
    3. Click the More Options in Turnitinbutton>
      1. Click the Optional settings link
      2. Verify the Yes radio button is selected in the Allow late submissions? section;
      3. In the Originality Report generation and resubmissions dropdown select Generate reports immediate (resubmissions are allowed until due date);
      4. review all other optional settings and confirm the Yes radio button is selected in the Allow students to view Originality Reports? section;
      5. If desired, enable grammar check by clicking the Yes radio button>Click Submit
        Turnitin Optional Settings Window
        Note: After clicking Save you may get a message to set the GradeMark Available Date as well. This date corresponds with the dropbox end date. Scroll down to the GradeMark Available to Learners section, set the day and time listed in the error>Click Save

    4. Once all of the TII settings are enabled>Click Save and Close

To Resolve Errors:

Turnitin Error

If you are seeing an error stating that the Turnitin assignment could not be created. date_due -due date must be after start date:

  1. Go to the Dropbox Restrictions tab
  2. set the Start Date, Due Date, and End Date
  3. Click Save.
  4. Click the Turnitin tab and continue the enable TII.

Turnitin Date Due Error

Dropbox Folder Restrictions Tab

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