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Associate an Assignment with a Grade Item

Associate an Assignment with a Grade Item?

  1. Click the Assignments Tool on the course navigation menu
  2. From the Submission Folders list locate the Assigment item>Click the action triangle to the right of the item>Click Edit Folder
  3. From the Properties tab>click the dropdown arrow next to Grade Item>Select the appropriate gradebook column from the list [Note: if an appropriate gradebook column does not exist complete these steps: Click the New Grade Item link>From the New Grade Item>Type a title for the gradebook column>Assign the correct value for the Max. Points>in the Restrictions be sure Grade item is always visible radio circle is selected>Click Save]
  4. Input/Verify the "Out of" points are correct
  5. Click Save and Close

Note: To unassociate the assignment with the Grade Item>Choose None from the Grade Item dropdown>Click Save and Close
Grade Item Option

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