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New D2L Accommodations Feature - May 2021

New D2L Accommodations Feature - May 2021

Beginning in the Summer 2021 semester, if a student requires extended time on all quizzes, instructors will be able to set this accommodation through the Classlist.

NOTE: The Special Access feature for Quizzes will still exist. However, if you set special access for a student on a quiz, AND you also have an overall accommodation set for them via this new Classlist feature, the one you have most recently edited will be the one that sticks.

  1. In your D2L course, click the Classlist tab.
  2. Find the student who needs quiz time extensions, and click the action triangle next to their name. Click Edit Accommodations.
    D2L Classlist Accommodations
  3. In the window that pops up, click the checkbox for "Modify Time Limit". Depending on the student's needs, choose the radio button for either "Multiplier of original quiz time" or "Extra time".
    • Choose "Multiplier of quiz time" if the student will be allowed 2x, 1.5x, etc. on the duration of quizzes. Then enter the multiplier amount (2 times, 3 times, etc.).D2L Accommodations Multiplier
    • Choose "Extra time" if the student will simply get a set amount of extra time on every quiz (like 30 extra minutes, 60 extra minutes, etc.). Then enter the amount of extra time in minutes.
      D2L Accommodations Extra Time
  4. If you would like to always allow the right click mouse function, check the box for Always Allow Right Click.
    D2L Accommodations Right Click
  5. Click Save. The time accommodation will now be set for this student on all D2L quizzes in the course.


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