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Issue: Unable to update content; emails ‘too large’ error; error messages when posting to discussions.

Cause: These errors occur if the URL (web address) does not explicitly show “https://” before the web page’s address.
Resolution: A short-term resolution is to manually type this prefix before the web address and reload the page. This generally corrects the errors. (Note that you may want to copy any corrections or messages you have created into a Word document prior to attempting this so you do not lose your work.) If it does not correct the problem, log out, clear your browser cache (https://kb.ccconline.org/article.php?id=12) and log back in from a login page that does display https (i.e.: https://ccco.desire2learn.com)
In the long term, examine any browser bookmarks you may have created and add the https prefix to those bookmarks. If you generally just type the URL, be sure to include the prefix as you type. We have worked with CCCS-IT to ensure that the links from the portal also have this included.

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